Electronics and Telecommunication 2nd Shift

Institute has started E&TC Diploma Engg.Dept. in the year 2008 to fulfill the needs of electronics Industries.


  • “To provide quality education in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering to prepare professionally competent engineers for the accomplishment of societal needs.”


  • To impart knowledge in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering to face the technological challenges.
  • To prepare students with professional skills for the successful career & motivate them for higher education.
  • To inculcate moral & ethical values among students.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Apply knowledge to provide solutions for practical issues related with Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
  • Succeed in their professional career through lifelong learning.
  • Exhibit professionalism & ability to work in team with ethical behavior.

Short Term Goals

  • To improve academic performance of students by implementing effective teaching learning methodology.
  • To establish and strengthen industry –institute interaction.
  • To provide necessary training for students and staff under earn and learn scheme.
  • To establish center of excellence of the department.
  • To prepare technical skilled human resources by conducting different skill development programs.

Long Term Goals

  • To march towards minimum failure in MSBTE examinations.
  • To start consultancy activities.
  • Develop production center for different electronics applications to meet society needs.