Mechanical Engineering 1st Shift Workshop & Guest Lecture

Year 2016-2017 (Guest Lecture)

Sr. Class Name of the Topic Expert Date
02 TYME(A,B,C,D) Personality development Mr. Amol Achrekar 08/7/2016
03 SYME(A,B,C,D) PLC and Automation Mr. S. P.Gawade 18/8/2016
04 SYME(A,B,C,D) Power Plant Engineering Mr.A.D.Paranjape 14/09/2016

Year 2015-2016 (Guest Lecture)

Sr. Class Name of the Topic Expert Date
01 TYME Automobile Mr. Anup Kole 24/08/2015
02 TYME Personality development Mr.Kishor Kulkarni 04/9/2015
03 SY ME Material Engineering Mr. Abhinandan Admuthe 10/9/2015
04 TYME Power plant Mr.Arvind Paranjape 11/09/2015
05 TYME Roll of diploma engineer Mr. D. S. Pawar 12/09/2015
06 TYME Energy conservation and management Mr. M. M. Wagh 21/12/2015
07 TYME Plant layout selection and installation Mr. Shishir N. Gosavi 20/02/2016
08 SYME Advance manufacturing processes Mr. Vikas Patil 20/02/2016
09 TYME Industrial PLC Automation Workshop Mr. Sanjay P. Gawade 26/02/2016
10 TYME Opportunity of engineers in Indian Colonel Pradip Phole 04/03/2016

Year 2014-2015 (Guest Lecture)

Sr. Class Name of the Topic Expert Date
01 SY A,B,C Mechanical Engg. Materials./HT& EQ Diagram Prof.(Dr) V.D.Shinde. 3/9/2014
02 TY A,B Professional Practice/Advanced Manufacturing System Mr.A.B.Kulkarni. 24/9/2014
03 SY A,B,C Professional Practice/Personality Development Prof.(Dr) V.V.Arvinddeker. 29/9/2014
04 SY A,B,C Professional Practice Dr. Sunita Dalvai 6/2/2015
05 SY A,B,C & TY A,B Professional Practice R.H.B. Ramamurthy 27/2/2015

Year 2014-2015 (Workshops)

Sr. Class Name of the Topic Expert Date
01 TY A,B CNC Mr.Avinash Ladage. 20,21/9/2014
02 TY A,B Power Engg/Pollution Under Control. PHP Mr. P.Y.Patil. 30/9/2014
03 TY A,B Production Engg & Robotics Mr.Sanjay Gawade. 16,17,18/1/2015